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The Tellus Solutions

The patented Tellus solution provides robust CAD-to-CAD integration and data mediation providing notifications, situational awareness, and real-time two-way data sharing.
Tellus is the market leader in CAD-to-CAD integration, with successful deployments with all major CAD systems, and 100’s of US agencies relying on Tellus every day.

By joining CAD systems together, dispatchers can quickly identify, deploy, and coordinate resources to respond to emergencies across jurisdictional boundaries.

Tellus uses configurable business rules to provide continual call-coordination, automatic incident requests, and expedited responses to mutual aid without requiring significant retraining of dispatchers.

At its core, the Tellus platform includes a set of connectors and a data hub that integrate with all the leading Computer Aided Dispatch systems, including TriTech, Superion, Motorola, Tyler New World, Hexagon and more.
Connectors are also available for RMS systems, P25 radios, video, and audio devices.


Tellus Aware: delivers a real-time situational awareness map capable of showing events and assets from one or more connected CAD systems. The Tellus Aware map can run on individual workstations or be displayed on a large, centrally visible monitor. Tellus Aware breaks down jurisdictional boundaries by providing an integrated view that is critical for knowledge sharing and crisis management.

  • Real time situational map
  • Cross jurisdictional resources
  • Vehicle and apparatus details
  • Common operational picture


Tellus Notify: provides the situational awareness map from Tellus Aware and adds real-time pop-up notifications as well as text messages and email alerts to first responders throughout a region. Notifications and alerts are rules-driven and integrate data from one or more connected CAD systems. Notifications are delivered to the desktop of 9-1-1 operator workstations and allow operators to discover critical events outside their own CAD system without needing to make a phone call or initiate a search.

  • All features of Tellus Aware
  • + Rules-driven notification popups
  • + Critical event discovery


Tellus Unify: seamlessly integrates multiple CAD systems, creating a two-way interface between two or more CAD systems. The Tellus Unify engine automatically translates data items between systems, allows jurisdictions to request and share assets and resources, and integrates into existing operator workstations, eliminating the need for retraining. Tellus Unify includes all of the features of Tellus Aware and Tellus Notify, and adds robust, rules-driven data mediation, linking CAD systems together so that they function as an integrated, cross-jurisdictional system.

  • All features of Tellus Aware and Notify
  • + Two-way interface connecting CAD systems
  • + Automatically data translation
  • + Request and share assets and resources
  • + Uses existing operator workstations
  • + Robust, rules-driven data mediation
  • + Integrated, cross-jurisdictional system


Tellus Connect provides the foundation for Aware, Notify, and Unify. It creates the data mediation layer that we use to deliver situational awareness, notifications, and full CAD-to-CAD integration. Connect is configurable, allowing us to map data and adapt to each jurisdiction’s procedures, standards, and requirements.

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