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Data Analytics

All of the raw event and transaction data that flows through the Tellus can be aggregated, anonymized, and turned into critical insights into the operation, coordination, and effectiveness of emergency response. Tellus normalizes and anonymizes this data and stores it in a form that can be leveraged to gain deeper insight into response protocols, and enables developers to provide strategic applications to public safety organizations.

Number of states 20
More than 100customers
Annual status updates 70million
Annual calls processed 2million

Domain knowledge and proprietary data formats

The domain knowledge and proprietary data formats offer the potential for combined analytics from multiple sources in unique ways that provide more useful insights. Some emerging applications include:

  • CAD system providers incorporating regional response data into their local systems for more complete analytics and dashboards.
  • CAD systems differentiating their applications by using Tellus to share information to and from other vendor’s products including Records Management Systems (RMS), Mobile apps, fusion data centers, P25 radio networks, voice recorders, ASAP-to-PSAP, and camera systems.
  • Regional government entities such as UASI Boards and school districts, as well as state governments including Departments of Transportation and state 9-1-1 coordinators may qualify for federal and state grants for cross-jurisdictional disaster preparation, 9-1-1 center backup and failover preparedness, major incident response planning, and crisis management.

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