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Interoperability shown to be a necessity for EMS, Police, and Fire after Aurora Theater Shooting

Aurora Theater Shooting Reveals Importance of Interoperability

On a quiet summer night in 2012, a lone gunman stormed a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and sparked a chaotic and catastrophic public crisis, setting off tear gas, shooting indiscriminately, ultimately killing 12 and injuring scores of others. See how CAD-to-CAD interoperability could’ve helped EMS, Police and Fire in the situation.

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The importance of interoperability among EMS, law enforcement, and fire agencies

Following the incident, the City of Aurora reviewed the emergency response in the face of overwhelming volume and complexity of demands on the first responders who arrived on scene. In the after-incident report, the City made clear the importance of interoperability among EMS, law enforcement, and fire agencies in a coordinated response to mass casualty incidents.

The report documented these essential needs:

  • Multiple types and levels of organizations must immediately have awareness of each other’s resources and activities.
  • Effective communications are facilitated by interoperable data sharing.
  • All organizations must rapidly involve themselves into the overall response during an evolving event.
  • Every agency must be ready to handle a significant surge in call volume will occur.
  • Keeping families and the public informed with timely, accurate information is critical.

Interoperability – sharing of critical incident and resource information – can improve response times an average of two minutes per incident. Tellus has proven solutions that will help you consistently achieve similar results – saving lives under the best and worst circumstances.