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About us

Experienced Connectivity Leader

For more than a decade Tellus (previously known as FatPot) has been linking emergency response centers to increase situational awareness, reduce response times, and help our customers deliver safety without borders.

Number of states 20
More than 100customers
Annual status updates 70million
Annual calls processed 2million

Our Patents

Our patented technology powers the third generation of our software, connecting the complex operational environments of over 120 police, fire, medical, and government agencies throughout the United States and Canada.


Our Mission

We hope to improve public safety by connecting the systems that already exist. By connecting these systems, we hope to improve response times, resource allocation, and situational awareness. Having the right people with right equipment in the right place at the right time with the right information.


Our customers

Alaska 1
California 5
Canada 27
Florida 1
Idaho 5
Illinois 4
Kansas 1
Kentucky 1
Maryland 1
Massachusetts 7
Minnesota 1
Missouri 4
New Jersey 1
North Carolina 1
Ohio 2
Oregon 2
Texas 5
Utah 44
Virginia 2
Wisconsin 2

Agencies we serve


EMS & Medical

Law Enforcement