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Emergencies don't respect jurisdictions

and your response shouldn’t either

Traditional dispatch ends at the city, county, or state lines

With Tellus, yours doesn’t have to

Tellus is the industry leading provider of intra and cross jurisdictional CAD Connectivity

Our Solution

The patented Tellus solution provides robust CAD-to-CAD integration and data mediation providing notifications, situational awareness, and real-time two-way data sharing.

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Our Mission

We hope to improve public safety by connecting the systems that already exist. By connecting these systems, we hope to improve response times, resource allocation, and situational awareness.

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Our Support

We at Tellus would love to hear about your information sharing needs and explore possible solutions. Feel free to comment or request information below and one of our experienced solution architects will get will get back to you.

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Number of states 20
More than 100customers
Annual status updates 70million
Annual calls processed 2million

Tellus Safety Solutions

Tellus is a standards-based information-sharing technology that connects and integrates with most independent CAD systems. By joining CAD systems together, dispatchers can correctly identify closest-available resources and coordinate emergency response across many agencies and jurisdictions.


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Tellus and your Industry:

Interoperability in Orange County’s Fire and EMS agencies shows clear benefits

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Interoperability shown to be a necessity for EMS, Police, and Fire after Aurora Theater Shooting

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Interoperability helps Police bring Nashville manhunt to quick end

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Interoperability a point of interest for Secretary of Homeland Security

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